2 September

-A kind of electronic price tag

Electronic Shelf Label(ESL)is a kind of electronic price tag. It is a display system which can transmit information bilaterally, and mainly applied in super-market, shopping mall, convenience store and some other retail scenario.

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Each ESL connects to the computer database via a wired or wireless network, and displays the latest commodity prices through the screen on the ESL. They have in fact succeeded in incorporating shelves into computer programs.
Important 4 sectors
Software platform
Dedicated access point
PDA(including smartphone with NFC)

System Construct

1.Software Platform
Connecting with the existing system, synchronizing the basic commodity information and the price information, then sending the update data to the store's AP, automatically after the data update is completed, and finally confirming the success of each update.

2.ESL(Electronic Shelf Label)
Displays price and basic information for each commodity.

Scan and update information manually.

Modify the information over the network by using the 2.4G signal, and eventually send the modified information back to the platform to ensure the success of each transmission.

Link between ESL and commodity

Field fast binding ESL and commodity to avoid backstage binding cumbersome and manual input errors;
Field fast unlinking to update the shelf.

Information update principle

1、Update instruction sent to the server by PDA.
2、The server process the update information to code and sent it to the AP devices;
3、AP devices transmit the data to ESLs;
4、ESLs modify the display info and feedback to the AP devices.
5、AP devices feedback the message to the server when the modification is completed.
6、The server update the new commodity information to the ERP and POS systems;
7、The steps will continue until the infomation is successfully modified.



Communication distance:30 meters (radius)
Communication rate:250 kbps
Communication band:2.4G
Receiving sensitivity:-110dBm
Screen size:2.13 inches
Screen type:EPD dot matrix electronic paper, black and white
Battery life:5 years (removable), 620mA button battery
Packaging material:ABS
Operating temperature:0°C—50°C