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We have 3 main operating system:MpticOS(8B/6E/2E etc.),Android(C5000L/C6000 etc.),WINCE(1000W).

8B: Configurable,real-time,wireless,U-Disk function,support dbf database file,13.7M Memory,Lithium battery power supply
6E: wireless,U-Disk function,support dbf database file,6M Memory,2 AA batteries power supply
2E: wireless,No U-Disk function,No extra storage Memory,2 AA batteries power supply
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8B could be updated to advanced collection mode,this mode allows us to customize what fields does the items have,for example:barcode,quantity,shelf,location,datetime and so on. Then we also could customize these fileds' property,for example:name of display,location of display,input type(number,character),length,input mode(auto/manual) and so on. And we even could customize the name or visibility of the menu in collection mode.

If you use 8B/2E/6E,you could move the cursor of mouse to the cell of EXCEL.When select send data by USB/wireless,the barcode will be filled in cells automatically.6E/8B could export excel format directly.C5000L/C6000/1000w allows users to develop application to customize the menthod.

2E/6E/8B:Can't run application,but could customize they firmwares and config them.
C5000L/C6000:Android Studio or Eclipse and other Android develop tools.
1000W: Visiual Studio 2008.
Mptic also provide software development and service for customers.

Yes,we could provide SDK and Demo to customers free of charge after buying our devices,now only 1000W/C5000L/C6000 have SDK.

MpticOS:Use this tools to update,this is the download link. >>> Click here to download
Android;Copy the firmware to the memory of device,in the settings,there is 'About device',select 'System update' item and find the firmware,after confim this operating,device will reboot and update the firmware automatically.
Wince:Use the dnw.exe to update the firmware. >>> Click here to download

Basic Features

Ultimate & Clean Design

Simple and Refreshing UI

High Compatibility Design

Suitable for many operating system

Good Interactivity Design

Multiple interactivity, easy to operate

Complete Documents

Each device or tool has a guide document

Normative Coding

High editable,immediate processing


Independent research and development

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Our Customers

MPTIC's barcode data terminals have a good reputation in the USA, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and Asia market.