12 October

- Freely customize Separator,Prefix & Suffix

'Set Export Format' function use ASCII code to define the value of Separator,Prefix & Suffix,nearly support all the symbols in the ASCII table.

About 'Set Export Format' function

1. Where is the 'Set Export Format' function?
Three places have this setting:
In 'System' - 'Config' -'Barcode set'
'Collect' - 'Config' - 'Export configure'
'Inventory' - 'Config' - 'Export configure' Database or Senior Collect mode could set the format in the config file.

2. Why set the export format?
Users usually use they own OA software to deal with the barcode items,now users could customize the format to adapt to they system.
for example:
Set the format to 'B.13.10',the items will automatically do word wrap.

Set the export format

1.Set the export format in 'Inventory' & Standard 'Collect' Mode
Setting format examples as follows:
‘B’ means barcode ,
‘A’ means the device number (device address, set in wireless settings),
‘N’ means quantity (quantity only valid for inventory mode )
'14' is separator,means the ' , ' symbol,
'13.10' means newline with return , ‘1-127’ are the value of ASCII characters.

2.Set the export format in 'Database' & Senior 'Collect' Mode
In these two modes,one item usually has more than 2 fields,so we use 'F1' 'F2' 'F3' to represent different field values.
'F1.44.F2.44.F3.13.10' means: the first field and the 2nd field is separated by ' , ' symbol, the 2nd field and the third field is separated by ' , ' symbol, '13.10' means every item will be written in a new line and output return(equivalent to the 'Enter' key on the PC keyboard).