24 September

Database function
- Deal with the existing records directly

Database function could analysis the database file(.dbf format),then users could check or edit all the values of records. No need to input the records one by one again. The records could be in EXCEL or TXT or '.dbf' database file.

Click here to download the tool and demo

What types of database files are supported?

Standard '.dbf' file could be supported.

Create database file

1. Convert Excel to TXT file

Open the excel and 'Save as' a txt file.

2. Convert TXT to .dbf file
Using our 'TxtToDBF_V4_EN.exe' tool to convert.

Add/Edit and export items

1.Users could add new records or edit the old records.
Scan the barcode,then press the number key to edit corresponding field.

2.Users could export the records to TXT or EXCEL directly in the device,no need to convert again.
The following picture shows device display the first record of the above EXCEL.

The following picture shows the menu of DATABASE function

Customize Database Function

1.Users could customize the display style
For example:display the barcode in the center of line 2; display the quantity in the left of line 3; display the tip 'F1:Barcode|F2:Number' at the bottom of the screen

2.Users could customize the export format and file's name
Set the separator between the fields, the prefix or suffix of the items and the file's name(even could be date time).