1 January

- Freely define the properties of products

Configurable-Mode is only could be used in PDT-8B,and run advanced collection firmware.Customers could customize the screen display style, product attributes, export format and so on.No need for complex secondary development.

Customize Screen Display Style

1. Customers could customize the display name of sub menu
for example :'Collect","Browse',and select corresponding function.

2. Customers could customize the display style in sub menu 'Collect Function'
for example: show the tip "1-6: Manual Input" at the bottom of screen;
show the value of barcode in the center of line 2;
show the library name at the top of screen ect.

Customize The Library

1.What's the library?
One library is similar to a folder,we could use it to classify the items.Users could distinguish and manage the items easily.

2.How to use the library?
Set the quantity of library to '1',device will enter single-library model,all items are in one library as default;
Set the quantity of library to '20'(MAX 32),device will enter multiple-library model,users should sele1t which library the items will be stored. And Users could name the libraries to distinguish different libraries.
After completing collection,users could select which library's items will be exported.

Customize the properties of items

1.Field Display Name
The name should be easily understood by the users.

2.Input mode
'Scan','Count','Manual input','Auto' could be selected.

3.Field type
Character,Digital or Date/Time.

3.Field length

4.Decimal length
The field should be digital.

5.Action when inputting the value
For example:Prompted when scan the same barcode;Auto accumulate the quantity;Auto input with the last value.

Customize the export format

Set the separator between the fields, the prefix or suffix of the items.