Model No:PDT6E
Save offline: Scan and save first, then transmit all collected data (up to 30,000 barcode) to the base station wirelessly. for inventory-taking which transmits barcode and quantity data to local data system
Shutdown Protection: completely turned off on-site protection can always switch on and off, also
supports automatically shut down.
Standby Time: more than six months.


PDT-6E Wireless realtime scaner | batch barcode collector 
Click to download the PDF introduction of our PDT-6X handheld barcode terminals


Product Main Features:

PDT-6E Wireless Barcode Scanner can work in 4 basic modes:

Wireless Real-time Barcode Data Scanner
Offline Barcode Data Scanner
Inventory-taking Data Collector

Database Data Collector(Support .dbf database file)


Wireless Real-time Barcode Data Scanner:

In this mode, the terminal works as a portable laser scanner and collect the barcode data while at the same time transmit the data wirelessly to the wireless base station which is connected with the computer via USB data cable.

Instant Transmission

Auto Data Saving During Temporary Signal Breakdown

Hand Input for Blurred Barcode

Usually, after being scanned, the barcode data is automatically and immediately transmitted to the wireless base station and computer. The number of “Wait to send” displays as “0”, it means that all collected data have been transmitted. The base station uploads the received data to the computer instantly.

The top of the terminal’s LCD screen displays useful information like the quantity of already scanned barcodes, channel number, signal strength and remaining battery.


Offline Barcode Data Scanner:

This mode works as offline barcode collector. If there is no need of real time online data transmission, the user can choose to operate the terminal in this mode. The collected data will be saved in the terminal first and can be transmitted to the base station and computer in one lot after collection of all barcode data.

Barcode Capture Menu Options Dealing repeated Barcode Middle/End separator

In offline mode, PDT-6E Wireless Barcode Scanner can save up to 30,000pcs of barcode data.


Inventory-taking Data Collector:

The inventory mode collects barcodes and their quantity. PDT-6E Wireless Barcode Scanner supports both automatic accumulated quantity and hand input quantity. The user can view and check the collected barcodes and their quantity conveniently on the LCD screen.

Inventory Menu Scanning Interface Browse Barcodes Freely Data Management

The inventory mode can save up to 10,000pcs barcode data. It works offline while collecting data. The saved inventory data can be transmitted to the base station and computer in one lot after collection of all barcode data.


Application Industry:

PDT6E wireless barcode scanner is a more powerful wireless scanning gun, just appearance differents from traditional wireless scanning guns. PDT6E wireless barcode scanner is particularly suitable for logistics, barcode scanning of bulky items and barcode scanning of large warehouse. Wireless transmission distance of PDT6E wireless barcode scanner range up to 50-100 meters(used extended antenna,in fact it can achieve to greater distances), it can also serve as a data terminal in small supermarket, small bookstores and small warehouse.


Set Middle separator And End separator:

PDT-6E Wireless Barcode Scanner flexibility to set the separator between export barcode and barcode number. Corresponding to the ASCII Table(View ASCII Table) '0-127' Decimal value. It can set 127 different separator. As Example:

Middle separator(Dec) Middle separator(Char) End separator(Dec) End separator(Char) Export data type
44 ' , ' 44 ' , ' 7871152093,5,2195729711,2,
44 ' , ' 59 ' ; ' 7871152093,5;2195729711,2,
59 ' ; ' 13 'enter( \r )' 7871152093;5
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