Model No:PDT8B
Scanner Engine: 1D/CCD/2D engine.
Wireless:Adopted 433M wireless data transmission chip, ensures the reliability of data transmission.
Programming: development based on the standard version. It can display, query and calculate the relationship of product attributes.
Flash Memory:16MB,including all of the English fonts. Support U-disk, with 14M memory.
Shutdown Protection: completely turned off on-site protection can always switch on and off, also supports automatically shut down.


Product Description:

PDT-8B is a programmable wireless barcode data collector in the market. Integrated with 32-bit ARM CPU, color TFT LCD, laser scan engine, USB interface and U-disk data exchange mode, the product is very easy to use and program. By supporting simulation development on PC, the compatibility degree of simulation code is nearly 100%.
PDT 8B Wireless data acquisition using laser, red, 2D barcode scanning engine,it works at a high speed with large scan depth, which could meet the demands of most industries.
PDT 8B is saved in highly reliable NOR Flash that supports power loss data protection.It's embedded with Mptic-OS, very similar to DOS. It is a single task application system, which is convenient for users to write applications. Mptic-OS is specifically based on development of the handsets whose prominent characteristic is very low system resources is occupied, and it is easy to expand hardware and develop applications.
PDT 8B adopted 433M wireless frequency, 2-way communication. It supports maximum 32 radio channels. In other words, 32 groups of PDT-8B devices can be used at the same time and will not interfere with each other simultaneously; each channel supports 255 devices, while in practice, the devices used in the same channel may conflict, no more than 5 devices is suggested. The transmission distance is generally 50-100m in the case of obstruction free. Strong environment interface would largely reduce the communication distance.
PDT 8B is equipped with a dedicated charging and wireless communication function of the cable, once it is placed on the cable ,it’ll be automatically charged, and the cable is also a wireless base station.


Portable barcode data terminal

L*W*H:165*65(54)*38(26) mm
Weight: 200g


Product Main Features:

PDT-8B can work in 4 basic modes:

Inventory-taking Data Terminal (Data including item attributes up to 64 fields)
Real-time Data Terminal(USB or Wireless)
Barcode Data Collector (Advanced collect firmware allow to program it)
Database Data Collector(support .dbf database file)

Click here to view detailed description of PDT8B advanced version application.  
Click here to download Config generator for PDT8B advanced version application.


Inventory-taking Data Terminal:

In this mode, the terminal PDT-8B works as a portable laser barcode scanner and collects the data based on an imported and formatted data base which can support up to 64 fields of attributes, including the calculating relationship. The formatted data base can be finished in Office Excel easily.
After collection of all barcode data, the user can choose the “Generate file” on the LCD menu to output a full list of data base covering all required information, such as name, unit price, quantity, total value, location, and etc. The user can view the list or save it on the computer via USB. It’s very nice and easy for data management.
As long as the collected data are not cleared from the terminal, the user can check the information of a certain barcode anytime on the terminal’s LCD or add new scanned barcodes into the data base.

Main Menu Data Collection Inventory Menu
Stock Query Purchasing Scanning

This mode can collect and save up to 40,000pcs of barcode data together with attributes information.


Barcode Data Scanner:

This mode works as offline barcode capture terminal,in standard firmware only exist barcode numbers and quantity,in advanced firmware users could customize 8 fields at most.
The collected data will be saved in the terminal first and can be transmitted to the computer via USB or wireless data cable in one lot after collection of all barcode data.


Real-time Data Terminal:

This mode is an online working mode.
PDT-8B scans the data at the same time when it is connected with the computer via USB or wireless data cable. The scanned data is transmitted to the computer instantly.


Fields of application:

Mobile Sales Management, Logistics courier services
Fixed Assets Management ,Warehouse distribution center
Power supply Smart inspection, Mobile medical care
Implementation of production, Information event management

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